SCCTM believes in holistic education, which develops the overall personality of students.

Field Trip: - Regular field trips by the students not only expose them towards the practical aspects of IT & education but also develop adequate skills to match the theory with the empirical.


Case Studies/ Discussion: - This method of teaching is employed to develop the mental ability of each student and encourage them to ensure they understand as to how the theory learnt applies in real life education & IT situations. A fair opportunity is given to each student to develop his/her problem-solving and presentation skills.

Projects and Assignments:- Projects and assignments form an integral part of the curriculum. Several projects are identified for the students to select from. Guidance to work on the project is provided by the course instructor.

Seminars & Workshops:- Learning through seminars, workshops and conference Encourages professional discussions between students and Experts.

Audio Visual Setup:- To provide finest international level academic input through lectures, tutorials, seminars and other academic exercise, SCCTM has an excellent audio-visual setup complete with OHPs, slide projectors, movie projectors, LCD & a video-room with a vast collection of CD's, VCDs, DVDs etc

Extension Lectures: To add on to the overall personality development of students, academicians and experts from various universities and industries are invited for extended lectures.